The 10/10 Options Trading Strategy We Use To Grow Income And Wealth
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Participating in the stock market is no longer for advanced Wall Street investors - Chris Naugle and Priyeshwar Sodhii will describe their strategies and opinions regarding their option investments.

Options Are One Of The Best Investments...

Maybe you have heard of them before or maybe you haven't...

Either way, we believe options are hands down one of the best ways to invest in the stock market in both the short-term and long-term.

There are a few key advantages that make them so great and these are a few reasons we use them...

1. We have the ability to profit in three directions that the stock moves (up, down, and sideways).

2. They are freely traded.

3. We gain leverage.

4. They can be used as portfolio insurance.

5. There can be a calculated fixed amount of risk when buying options.

6. They may provide increased cost-efficiency.

7. They may be less risky than equities.

8. They offer a number of strategic alternatives.

What You Will Learn:

  • How we analyze a stock stock, and how we learned to analyze stocks!
  • ​All of the different types of charts and important terms.
  • ​What an option is, why we invest with them, and why we focus on them the most.
  • ​The exact strategy and trading plan we personally use.
Hey, I am Chris Naugle, your new money mentor!

I have dedicated my life to being America’s #1 Money Mentor. Since 2014, my success includes previously managing over $30 million in assets in the financial services & advisory industry and tens of millions in real estate business, with over 200 transactions and an HGTV pilot show.

I know what it takes to build the foundations for true financial freedom. In 20 years, I have built and owned 16 companies.

As an innovator and visionary in wealth-building and real estate, my techniques have been shown to dramatically improve happiness, confidence, success, and income. Now I, Chris Naugle, can be YOUR money mentor!
Priyeshwar Sodhii has been an options trader for over 5 years with previous experience in equities and forex trading. With past experiences as a senior analyst for an asset management firm specializing in portfolio construction and risk management, Sodhii brings his unique approach to simplify the world of options trading to make it accessible for anyone interested in getting started.
What others are saying...
"I am so glad I participated in the 10/10 pilot program! I have never watched the stock market - always felt it was way over my head. Chris taught this method of simple steps to follow every day, and if you stick to the plan, you can most certainly earn that 10% - even if you're a beginner! Thank you Chris Naugle and Sol Fulop for sharing your knowledge, your continued support and for creating this group! I learn something new about trading every time I read these posts!"
- Joanie
"I've always wanted to get into the stock market but I didn't have a clue where to start! Chris' 10/10 training program broke it down to a 5th grade level and made it so easy to understand, the program paid for itself within my first week of trading! My goal was never to get rich, it was to make $40 a day to pay for our newest child's daycare, thanks to Chris and the 10/10 trading program I am easily covering daycare and more!"
- Carson D.
"I have learned a tremendous amount of knowledge over the past 6 months from you and your team. In my real estate investing business I have enjoyed learning about various strategies and private money funding to incorporate in future projects. I have spent money at several other events and coaching, however, The Money School is top notch and will be my go to source moving forward. I have learned the 10/10 Trading strategies recently...awesome. Sodhi has been great to work with and I have already seen positive impacts to my account using options trading strategies. I never thought I could learn trading, but you guys make it easy to understand and keep it simple. Thank you again for giving back and sharing your knowledge and I hope I can pay it forward soon."
- Jack S.
"I have been investing on and off for over 3 years but never truly understood how the market worked. Chris has created a course that makes investing understandable and easy to follow. The 10/10 program shows you how to make 10% on an investment by reading the market indicators (which he shows you) and how to protect you from a costly downturn. Since taking the course I have won more than I have lost and my losses were greatly reduced because he showed me the importance of a stop order. Thank you for making it easier to understand."
- Michael S.
"I have been receiving coaching from Chris for the past two years as a member of his Money School and now MSTV and this 10/10 trading class. Chris’ years of experience as a financial advisor, a very successful real estate investor and entrepreneur means that he has a breadth of knowledge about how money works that is extremely valuable, ESPECIALLY in uncertain times like these. What sets Chris apart is his ability to take years of learning and experience and distill that into clear, simple training and actionable steps so that he can help others improve their lives."
- Matt M.
"What sets Chris and Money School apart from so many other programs is that this program is designed to support students acting on what they have been taught. Chris and his team excel at providing specific actionable steps students can choose to take and for those who do so he is available to encourage and guide them along the way."
This is made for...
The soccer mom...

The business owner...

The beginner or advanced investor...

The full-time worker or student...

The creative-minded...

The analytical-minded...

We aim to deliver the tools, knowledge, and exact strategies we use in options trading.


Payment Plans Available
  • The Full 10/10 Digital Program With Hours Of Detailed and Step-By-Step Video Training By Chris!
  • Learn the ABCs of options trading and take your investments to the next level with this brand new training program!
  • One Free Year of Money School TV!



Payment Plans Available
  • Mentorship provided to you over 3 weekends where we cover long-term income-generating strategies and a variety of short-term trading strategies to build your trading skills.
  • Missed something? Or just want a refresher? You get Lifetime access! Come join us again in future mentorship sessions.
  • Get access to your FB group and be surrounded by like-minded individuals to help you grow.
  • One Free Year of Money School TV!


Per Month
  • This program is for the individual who does not want to spend hours in front of a screen.
  • We provide our real-time option trades with our actual price targets, stop loss levels, and, entry & exit levels.
  • Get access to our quantitative portfolios and our diverse investments.


Payment Plans Available
  • Get one-on-one coaching to help build your trading arsenal with all the necessary tools for you to be consistent and successful in achieving your financial goals.
  • Access to our all-inclusive mentorship portal included.
  • Missed something? Or just want a refresher? You get Lifetime access! Come join us again in future mentorship sessions.
  • Get access to your FB group and be surrounded by like-minded individuals to help you grow.
  • One Free Year of Money School TV!

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