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What Is The Private Money Club?

The Private Money Club is an online community where you can network with lenders and borrowers to make it easy to complete your goals. Whether you are looking to invest in projects, or need funds to bring your own projects to life, the Private Money Club is for you.

The benefits of the Private Money Club:

  • Easy access to potential investors
  • Quickly find and connect with investment opportunities
  • ​Work out deals with like-minded people
  • ​Make your projects easy-to-find
  • ​Find partnerships
  • ​Access to the weekly “Money Club Monday” highlighting deals, lenders, borrowers, and more

How Does It Work?

The Private Money Club is hosted on Slack.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Slack, Slack is a collaboration software. You can use Slack from a web browser on a computer or an app on a smart device. Big businesses use Slack to securely collaborate across teams, departments, offices and countries. Think of it as Facebook, but without the noise. Even NASA uses Slack. You can post questions, comments, images, PDFs, files, etc.

We’ll guide you through creating a profile and adjusting your status based on whether you are looking to lend, need funds, etc.

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